Chris Banke, Passionate Dog Trainer

Chris Banke started his own dog training business titled, “Chris Banke Protection Dog Trainer” at the young age of 19 after having found success in the training world through competitions and having some wonderful opportunities to train under some of the most reputable dog trainers in the United States. He then went on to train multiple dogs to IPO/Schutzhund III and continued coaching and doing helper work for other competitive handlers as well. He also was the first American to complete in the RSV2000 World Championship with his dog Iriac vd Maineiche Ipo3. After that was when Chris Banke started his own breeding kennel named “vom maechtigen Turm.” Many of the dogs he bred would go on to compete in Schutzhund IPO on regional and national levels or to work in law enforcement.

A passion for dog training has always been what has fueled Chris Banke. He first began training as a teen with a doberman named “Dana” as his first student. After that, his passion for training grew and at 15, he discovered the Algemeiner Schutzhund Club. At the Algemeiner Schutzhund Club is where he met Margarete Iaquinto. Margarete helped develop Chris Banke’s passion for more breed specific training, the training of the German Shepherd dog. She also was the breeder that bred his first German Shepherd Dog named, “Chief.” Chief was titled in Schutzhund.